GoDaddy finally Likes Facebook!


I still (yes, in 2012) use GoDaddy to host and self-build/edit my core professional portfolio/branding domains. The dichotomy in my online presence becomes clearer with every word I type…here on my 100% FREE MarketBLOG, or on my just-as-100%-free MarketPOWER+ News 2.0 newsroom, hosted by WordPress. Yet while many companies today base their core Web presence on what were formerly blogging platforms–and more power to them if they can pull it off–I’ve always found such platforms, even the best on the planet here at WordPress, less flexible and functional than I want at ground zero of my portfolio and branding presence. On the other end of the spectrum, nor do I fancy much of what I’ve seen for what passes as “custom-designed websites” by expensive developers; and while I’ve programmed a bit and have a knack for code-editing, I have neither the time nor the desire for major Web buildouts. (Too much global research director-ing to do for Stratecast.)

So, while yes, I do have a more extensive social and other Web presence than many people and more than a few companies, happily fitting myself into a slew of social net fixed formats, my MarketPOWER+ portfolio/branding domains (a holdover from my former MarketPOWER, LLC) remain with GoDaddy. Most of the time that’s an incredibly low-cost arrangement, and as an agile, resourceful Web practitioner I’ve been able to outwrestle GoDaddy’s Website Tonight web content management system (WCMS), renamed Website Builder this month, to make most changes in a few short minutes.

Earlier in 2012, however, I ran into a GoDaddy-sized wall when it came to deploying a Facebook Like button on MarketPOWER+. After months of Twitter, direct phone and email dialogue with GoDaddy to no avail, I wrote a piece here excoriating GoDaddy for being unable to provide or even locate code that worked, or a coder who could work with me, to execute what should be a simple Facebook Like button on my page. Yet as beyond ridiculous as that GoDaddy adventure was, I was too 24/7-busy to drag and its siblings (.biz,, .net, 10 in all) to Network Solutions* for more money. At the bottom of it all: still no Like button.

So it is with abundant pleasure that I announce Our Long National Like Button Nightmare Is Over. While adjusting something on my home page last evening, 26th September 2012, that flame of “try, try again” that I guess will burn in my soul forever licked at me again. Quick search pinpointed a Facebook Developers Social Plugins page I had not seen before. Tweaked settings, nabbed code…and it worked!

One thing left to say: If you visit MarketPOWER+ and like it…will you Like it?

*Yes, the original hosting home of “The” Facebook

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