I’m writing in Kasich and Bernie. The media is trying to elect someone else

! Kasich 2016If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2016, I am voting for him. If he is not–if we get, as it now seems frighteningly likely, the terrible twosome of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the Republican and Democratic nominees, respectively–I am writing in John Kasich as President and Bernie as Vice President in November. I firmly believe our nation and world would be far better served by them than by placing either Donald or Hillary in any leadership capacity. So when it comes to Trump versus Clinton, “I don’t have a dog in the fight.” When media and politicians try to work together to throw an election, however, I do have a “dog” in that fight. Its name is Democracy; its nickname: the future of our republic.

So many Democrats and their eager media marketers (most major news organizations) thought it was great when out-of-control crazies shut down Trump rallies during this election season; and when Black Lives Matter literally took the microphone away from Bernie at a rally. Now they’re up in arms after the New York Time’s contrived hit piece that should have been titled: “We sent a team of reporters out to scrape up any examples we could find about how Trump mistreats women in order to continue trying to throw the election to the Democrats.” Yet, after Bernie’s supporters rightfully went nuts at how Hillary’s minions stole delegates from them in Nevada, Democrats and their media marketers are now “calling for civility,” as dutifully and unquestioningly reported by these same media marketers. And when people rightly bring up Hillary’s indefensible defenses of Bill’s lecherous adventures with women for decades, much of the media is silent.

Well, not exactly silent. I love Ellen DeGeneres as an entertainer. She makes me fall off my chair laughing about as often as her guests do the same to her. However, if anyone doubts that Ellen and other talk show hosts are using the public airwaves and the public trust to join their network “news” colleagues in wrapping up the U.S. presidency in a bow and handing it to Hillary, you may want to have a look at this.

Nora O’Donnell gave some precious air time to Trump’s daughter, who was defending him, in a recent televised interview. However, in her tone, her questions, and those contrived “I’m intently listening” shots the media always inserts into video interviews, O’Donnell was careful to make sure she did not look one bit sympathetic or understanding. I’m guessing it’s because that way, when she’s hobnobbing with other Hillary supporters at glitzy cocktail parties on the Upper East Side in New York City, they won’t have reason to question her loyalty to The Cause.

I don’t care who anyone votes for; we all have the right to vote however we like. But do not insult my intelligence by conveniently ‘bringing some facts to light’ while conveniently hiding others at all costs to try to decide elections in favor of one candidate. That is a blatant attempt by those who, ironically, are normally in favor of “choice” when it comes to things like abortion, to knock other choices out of the race and leave only their chosen candidate standing. This borders on what occurs in Communist countries and other totalitarian tyrannies, and has no place in what I’ve understood all my life to be “America.”

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