HP keeps its printers well-hidden. Here’s how to find yours


No big picture strategic importance here, but judging by what I see online, a LOT of you have suffered with something to this effect: “My computers (even HP computers) won’t find my [expletive deleted] [really bad expletive deleted] HP printer on our WiFi network!” Not bad, only 14.9 million Google results to that effect…


[1] Find a full-featured driver for your model of HP printer. I normally only grab drivers for anything from the manufacturer’s official site, but…this.

[2] Endure the seemingly endless install/restart process.

[3] Upon restart, try to find your HP printer. No, really, go ahead.

[4] When this HP driver proves as useless as the others you’ve probably tried, even when you provide the printer’s IP address, uninstall it — and you must select this option: ‘Remove all apps and files associated with this app’. My wording is not exact, but close enough, and you must select it.

I’m certain this is what finally (FINALLY!) cleaned all of the previous worthless HP installed printers, drivers, and helper apps off my computer, and paved the way for glorious step 5…

[5] Upon restart, simply tell your computer to add a printer. Mine found the printer immediately, added it to my printers, and said “Ready.” (I nearly wept.) Printing again…

A final note: one of the worthless HP helper downloads claimed I couldn’t print because my computer and printer were on different networks. “It’s a lie.” When it’s all working correctly, it won’t make any difference which network you’re on as long as the networks emanate from the same router.


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