Skype this: do you ooVoo?


Over the past five years I stopped having to be pioneer and Chuck Yeager test pilot-style early adopter for all household technologies. Oh, I still hold a firm grip on my job as IT and network administrator, which on the IT side means I get to wrestle with software and hardware if something goes wrong with a family computer, printer or other peripheral. On the network side it usually entails resetting cable modem and wireless router a few times a year to bring the signal back to life, or calling Cox when the service is really out. Continue reading

“All Play”: Sigma’s got it, service providers need it…and Amdocs wants to come out to play


Cable MSOs and other broadband providers need to continue growing revenues and boosting profitability to keep investors and other stakeholders happy as they sink resources into new service offerings and try to become everyone’s “friend in the digital age.” Meanwhile, Verizon is working to transform itself from a ‘telco’ into a communications and entertainment company-a model being replicated across the telecom landscape.

So in what is still thankfully a competitive market, it is counterintuitive that so many continue to manage their service offerings in the least efficient, highest-cost ways and place themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Continue reading