GoDaddy finally Likes Facebook!


I still (yes, in 2012) use GoDaddy to host and self-build/edit my core professional portfolio/branding domains. The dichotomy in my online presence becomes clearer with every word I type…here on my 100% FREE MarketBLOG, or on my just-as-100%-free MarketPOWER+ News 2.0 newsroom, hosted by WordPress. Yet while many companies today base their core Web presence on what were formerly blogging platforms–and more power to them if they can pull it off–I’ve always found such platforms, even the best on the planet here at WordPress, less flexible and functional than I want at ground zero of my portfolio and branding presence. On the other end of the spectrum, nor do I fancy much of what I’ve seen for what passes as “custom-designed websites” by expensive developers; and while I’ve programmed a bit and have a knack for code-editing, I have neither the time nor the desire for major Web buildouts. (Too much global research director-ing to do for Stratecast.) Continue reading