Weave some step-by-step holiday magic in your life


Decorating Magic’s videos are slickly produced yet paint-by-numbers simple

Decorating Magic produces a series of videos that walk the viewer literally step-by-step through creating, assembling, staging and presenting high-quality decorations, scenes and animated characters, some focused on holidays and others on brightening home and hearth year ’round. The results, on doorstep or lawn, or in various interior settings, make engaging viewing. The videos are slickly produced with a variety of sophisticated movie effects, and Decorating Magic owner Susan Paradise Wolf, who narrates the series, exudes a certain star quality even while telling us how to wire up a witch to best simulate flight. The instructions are clear, simple and practical, endearing not only for the Narrator’s cute-as-a-button charm but also because we are never left grasping at air, as we sometimes find ourselves with other instructional videos that leave us off-balance by omitting crucial steps in a process.

Thus far Decorating Magic has produced five videos in its Holiday series: Continue reading

Manic like Zuckerberg but without the billion$


I now have three favorite movies. In no particular order, they are:

The Breakfast Club. “Brian, this is a very nutritious lunch. All the food groups are represented.” Or: “So it’s sort of social. De-men-ted-and-sad, but social.” Classic. A million great moments. Like Lord of the Flies, but hip and with less bloodshed.

The original Rollerball, a William Harrison screenplay produced and directed by Norman Jewison in 1975, is set in a future where national borders and governments have disappeared, and the world is ruled by corporations in megalopolises such as ‘Houston: Energy City’ and ‘Chicago: Food City.’ Mankind has long since abandoned military war, more recently endured a series of Corporate Wars and has now coalesced around an ultra-violent sport that has taken the place of all war.* Continue reading