Defense may win championships, but you still have to score


The Houston Astros used to be my favorite baseball team. I don’t mean today’s Astros, who are fine, btw, or even the solid clubs of the Jeff Bagwell/Craig Biggio era. I’m talking the Alan Ashby-Cesar Cedeño-Luis (not Albert) Pujols Astros. (Still have my vintage Astros jersey with full-body wraparound stripes and giant star.) Year after year those Astros had arguably the best pitching staff in baseball, anchored by fireballer and strikeout king Nolan Ryan. Game after game they would either shut out the other team or give up a run or two—and lost a lot more games than they should because too often the Astros’ batting order couldn’t hit its way out of a paper bag (OK, the infield).

Employers and clients, we can hit home runs for you, but only if you put us in the game. (Gag me before I cliché again, but segues are not always pretty.) Continue reading

A Tale of Two Companies


We’ve been talking about why it’s important to think of search engine optimization /search engine marketing (SEO/M) and Web 2.0 not as the be-all and end-all of your communications universe but as key ingredients in a complete, balanced diet. Of course what we mean when we say “Web 2.0” breaks out into three areas:

  • Rich Internet applications (RIA) including AJAX and Flash
  • Broadcast media such as streaming, RSS and mobile SMS
  • Consumer-generated media (CGM) like consumer reviews, wiikis, blogs and participation in forums
All of us who post on just about any business-focused blog want to talk about best practices, but today is show-and-tell: I’m going to show you how two companies approached this in different ways and how that has led to divergent results. Continue reading

“Hey, 2.0”: It’s STILL about reaching, connecting with and persuading people.


My musical tastes flash across the spectrum from heart-rendingly beautiful symphonic movie soundtracks to some of the most deliciously vicious hard rock ever recorded, but somewhere in the median is a sultry, radio-friendly-yet-cult-favorite tune by Steely Dan entitled Hey Nineteen. And that’s as good a starting point as any from which today’s ravings about some of the madness inside the “2.0” methodology may flow.

If you thought I came here to unite us all around a starry-eyed vision of the wonders of search engine optimization/marketing (SEO/SEM), Web2.0, PR2.0 and whichever 2.0 buzzwords we can dream up tomorrow…oh, wait, the categories in our editing pulldown menus here on the staging site now include “Web3.0″…you’re half right. Continue reading