Slash & Myles, Far And Away: The Real Lyrics


Slash & Myles: Apocalyptic Love
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
Apocalyptic Love

There are a zillion lyrics pages out there. (Okay, more.) Why create one for this song? Because even the best of the best lyrics sites have not, in my good listening ear’s opinion, captured the true lyrics for this epic piece of music. Many come quite close but fall short a “give it tomorrow” here or an “I’m so alone” there. I believe I’ve captured the correct intersection of lyrical sets here.

Those who know me best know I love music across the spectrum from heart-wrenching symphonic movie soundtracks to smooth jazz to rockin’ country to crash-and-burn, deliciously vicious hard rock and metal. What I love most, though, are intelligently-constructed minor key cavalcades, melodic and molten and beautiful, and capable of shaking arenas and stadiums off their foundations. Continue reading

Is there a new “Hardest-Working Man in Show Business”?


Most of you who read my ramblings, scratchings, etchings and ravings online know that I stick to (at least semi-)professional or charitable topics here on MarketBLOG and confine my musical musings to what is now Google Blogger. That is the case once again today as I talk about a musical force whose services have been in demand by Slash, Creed…and Led Zeppelin. I’ll have new content here soon on MarketBLOG, but for now I hope you enjoy my latest entry on Blogger.