TM Forum publishes my “Let’s Make it a Good (Mobile and Web) Experience”


Hello again. TM Forum, the world’s leading industry group/consortium on all things network management, published a little piece I did on what mobile and website operators (everyone from AT&T, Verizon and Telecom Italia Mobile to are doing to see not just that their own networks and sites are “up” but what WE are experiencing as users, and how to fix it. The piece appears in the Forum’s Inside Leadership newsletter; invite you to read more if you like here.

We categorize the capabilities these companies are providing as application performance monitoring (APM), one area of customer experience management (CEM), which also includes things like customer service assurance (CSA). Not enough tech-ronyms for you? These things are all part of the global market for operations/business support systems (OSS/BSS). The simplest and best definition of OSS/BSS is that it takes into account all of the software and systems that help communications service providers (CSPs), also known as operators in different parts of the world, to automate and manage every aspect of their businesses.

Let’s Make it a Good (Mobile and Web) Experience

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