Controversy for the Cure


logo: American Cancer Society's Relay For LifeOne humble opinion about Planned Parenthood’s well-coordinated media war against the Susan G. Komen Foundation: the issue is not that Komen pulled its funding from PP, nor that PP called its pals in the “news” media to tattle on Komen. The issue is that Komen was giving even a dollar to PP, or anyone or anything else, that is not strictly about breast cancer.

Of course, now after the trumped-up media controversy and the requisite/ obligatory “resignation in protest” by a Komen executive (which was followed by several others), Komen is right back in the business of sending money to PP again.

Did any of PP’s media friends stop to ask whether Komen is even affiliated with the American Cancer Society? No, because that would take research–real work–instead of just launching easy, one-sided media attacks. Guess who is sponsored by the American Cancer Society? Oh, yes: the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. Which is why our family has volunteered at RFL events since the early 2000s.

Join us!

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