“Let’s do a PUZZLE”

Christmas was…puzzling 😀 Years past with us all together at the holidays I uttered these fateful words: “Let’s do a PUZZLE!”
And when I say “Let’s do a puzzle,” I mean “I’ll help get the border pieces together, then leave it to the smarter people to do pretty much the entire puzzle while I go figure out a piece of electronics or take a festive holiday nap.”
So now every year my loving family SHOWERS me with puzzles. This Christmas: three.
Including this one. A Harry Potter puzzle. With colorful reflective pieces that shimmer as puzzle pieces have never shimmed.
I helped my wife Joanne get some of the border pieces together. Here she is powering through all the rest.

“Dropped 40 pounds in a year, Jeff? How did you do it?”


UPDATE: -47 pounds and counting | The world is my treadmill…

Me: November 2011 Me: November 2011

In the months leading up to my Grissom High School Reunion in July 2012, I knew I wanted to do something to get in shape. When our younger daughter Heather returned home from college for the summer, she suggested juicing: blending fruits and vegetables in a specially-made juicing machine, and drinking the juice as a meal replacement. So we did that juicing “cleanse” for a month before the Reunion.

Two dear lifetime friends were, in my eyes anyway, the hit of the Reunion: Karen Cass Gill and Carol Baldwin Butterworth. Karen is in amazing shape, and you know those long distance runners from Kenya who compete in the summer Olympics? Well, Carol was in better shape than anyone I’ve ever seen other than, pretty much, those runners from Kenya.* Carol is Association Director Of Youth Teen and Families for a network of YMCAs in Virginia, and here’s what she said about it: “If I’m telling everyone to get in shape, how can I be anything less?” Everyone at Reunion marveled at her. A few days later, done marveling (at least for the moment), I asked her what she does to stay in such, um, marvel-ous shape. She told me several things, but the most important one was this: “I try to always get my 10,000 steps a day.”

I’ve worked in my home office for years, and at that point I figured I was probably getting, oh, 400 steps some days. I also knew that…

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